Our Story

The art of listening and a passion for cutting edge ed-tech design

In 2003, Kris Peterson, Technology Coordinator of a large private Seattle area school, watched as his students melted with boredom in front of their computer screens as they were learning to type and thought to himself, there has got to be better way to teach keyboarding….that is where it all began.

From that first notion, and a little, okay a lot, of hard work, birthed our first web based keyboarding program, an exciting adventure based and “fun” program where students could not only gain valuable keyboarding skills, but have fun in the process.  Knowing that research shows that when students are having fun and are engaged in what they are doing, they will learn faster and better.   

The response we received from this first program was amazing; teachers were telling us how much fun their students were having learning to type, they were working ahead, begging for homework, they were even working on the program during the summer!  Imagine that!  This excitement spurred us on even more.  We knew this was just the beginning.

With a heartfelt commitment to staying on the forefront of technology, fulfilling the requirements of Common Core, along with a desire to build a program that teachers want and students love, we marched on to build the next version, conducting research and asking for feedback from our teachers, districts, and our students using the program.  If there was a feature they wanted, we added it, if there was a tool that would make their lives easier, we put it in.  Based on the most basic of business principles, listening to your customers, we listened to our teachers, our district administrators, and our students, and along with our talented team of developers, set out to build the most advanced typing tutor yet.. Typing Agent 4.0.

With all the fun and adventure a keyboarding student could ever want and all the lessons, tests, and management tools a teacher and school district could ever ask for (actually they did ask).  Four age appropriate and engaging worlds for learning to type, including a world designed just for K-2nd, a feature to teach online social responsibility, and a first-ever technology in keyboarding called typeSMART™, a dynamic tool where back end algorithms and a plethora of tools make the job of teaching keyboarding easier and even more insightful.  

At Typing Agent we love what we do and we hope that shows in everything from our personalized approach to customer support to the quality of the keyboarding program itself. We are passionate about listening to our customers and staying on the cutting edge of technology.  Our story will continue, as technology is always evolving, we will always be evolving.   We remain committed to providing a keyboarding and learning experience that is second to none and we hope, together, that you and your students will join us on this adventure as we learn to type and love the fun.