Fun is Serious Business for Students                   

Let's face it, learning to type is imperative to be successful in today's modern culture, but let's not forget about the fun! Research shows that fun is serious business for students; the more engaged they are the more they learn, but fun is just the tip of the iceberg! Typing Agent is intuitive and powerful, giving educators and district administrators the most innovative tools and management features available anywhere!

Teach online social responsibility safely with our Social app, manage thousands of students in a breeze with ADSM our Automated District Student Management tool, and gain powerful insights to your students keyboarding efforts with our unique typeSMART feature where back-end algorithms and insights help you teach keyboarding like never before!

Take a closer look at our features below, explore our website, and make yourself at home. Sign up for our Free 30 Day Trial so that you and your students can experience our program firsthand. Rated #1 by Top Ten Reviews two years in a row, we are confident that Typing Agent will exceed your expectations and excite your students like never before! They'll learn to type and love the fun!  See our one page flyer for 2016

100% Web-Based Program

  • Compatible with PC, MAC, iPad, Surface, and Android Devices
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • No CD installation or download required
  • Free Automatic & Instant program updates
  • Unlimited Access 24/7 wherever there is an internet connection

Robust District Management Features

  • Comprehensive district admin module
  • Upload thousands of students and teachers quickly via the easy CSV upload tool
  • Large districts can manage students easily with our Automated District Student Management Tool
  • Student and teacher self-registration feature
  • Customizable district-wide curriculum management and testing features
  • Print custom district reports
  • Set keyboarding targets and grade parameters district-wide

Powerful and Intuitive Tools for Teachers

  • Meets Common Core State Standards
  • Prepares students for online assessments
  • typeSMARTTM functionality including teacher alerts and course planning & mapping
  • Complete control of keyboard settings and game settings
  • Individual and class targets
  • Real-time data updates for enhanced student tracking
  • Customizable grading and all the stats you will ever need
  • Set different keyboard settings for varying classes
  • Problem key practices
  • In-tutor message system where teachers can message students or entire class
  • Teach online social responsibility and awareness with "Social" app
  • Post questions for students in "Agentbook" to respond to with creative writing
  • Ability to customize a grading scale for both WPM and Accuracy scores
  • Create block of students and student self-registration feature
  • Unique Parent Access Portal (can be locked or unlocked at teachers discretion)
  • Run typing reports to view progress
  • Print Progress Reports/Report Cards
  • Login as students from the school login
  • Student keyboarding data stays with students year after year to watch growth
  • Easily move students to other classes and grade levels

Comprehensive Curriculum Integrates Seamlessly

  • Lessons laid out in logical units and quick previews to view each lesson
  • Fully customizable curriculum
  • Word Processing & Learn to Type Code
  • Ability to block students so they need to type every letter correctly in order to complete the lesson
  • Allow for students to use back space or choose not to
  • Select test time from 2 - 20 minutes in length
  • Larger fonts and shorter lessons for K-2
  • Longer lessons and vocabulary for higher grade levels
  • Customize every test or use RSS feed.
  • Ability to view scores every time students take a timed test
  • Use typeSMART to set dates and map your keyboarding curriculum for your students
  • Curriculum sharing tool where teachers can share their curriculum with other Typing Agent teachers around the world

Everything Students Need for Success

  • Compatible with iPad, Surface, and Android Devices
  • Preparation for online assessments and Common Core Standards with free-style typing area
  • 4 exciting and age-appropriate learning environments that keep students engaged
  • Exciting K2 Adventure World designed just for K-2nd students
  • Problem key practices to reinforce learning
  • Ergonomics instruction for new typists
  • Appeal of colorful and personalized skins and avatars
  • Over 30 games, including fun multiplayer keyboarding games
  • Age appropriate keyboarding exercises and interfaces (K2, 3-5, middle and high school)
  • Students can login from home to do assigned homework and practice skills
  • Learn online social responsibility in safe environment with "Agentbook"
  • Easy student login with Google & Emodo single sign-on
  • In tutor message center where teachers and students can communicate
  • Animated hands and keyboard that demonstrates visually proper finger placement and keyboard technique
  • Unique parent access portal where parents can track their student's progress