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December 1, 2016
Typing Agent named District Administration's Readers' Choice Top 100 Products for 2016!

DA 2016School leaders and administrators throughout the nation sent in nominations for the education products they believed deserved the honor of being named the Top Products for 2016. Out of 1,500 nominations, for a variety of products ranging from sophisticated student information systems to cutting-edge gamification software, only 100 products were chosen. Once all of the nominations were collected the editorial board spend 6 months completing the list of the Top 100 Products for 2016 based on the number of nominations and the quality of the product. Once again the readers of District Administration have provided a wealth of educational resources to help their fellow K-12 staff members find the best possible products to attain excellence in their schools.

Typing Agent is thrilled to announce we were one of the products to be selected for the 2016 Top 100 Products by the readers of District Administration magazine! This is a high honor so we wanted to share our excitement and appreciation. Thank you to all our customers who took the time to send in a nomination for us to receive this amazing award!

Reader Testimony:

"As a K5 school, we've used Typing Agent for the past two years and seen significant improvement in keyboarding skills. The gaming platform engages and challenges our students. Our teachers are fans, as well, since classroom reports are easy to create and share with parents."
—Regina Ligon, technology integration specialist, Eugene School District 4J, Oregon


June 24, 2015
Typing Agent 4.0 Full Review Conducted by Technology & Learning

Tech & Learning

Typing Agent is a fully Web-based program that allows central teacher control over student typing lessons and test curriculum. The school and district dashboard allows the teachers and administrators to set curriculum, goals, and lessons for individual students, whole classes, and grade levels. Additionally, Typing Agent offers basic coding lessons for students in 3rd grade and up, an opportunity for student-teacher communication via "Spy Mail", the ability to turn on a completely walled social network called Agentbook to teach Internet safety, and an array of games for each grade level.


Quality and Effectiveness: Perhaps the most powerful feature of Typing Agent is the centralized dashboard where you can track student progress and growth. The use of student, class, grade, and district level progress reports allows districts to track student progress over time and ensure that everyone is on track to meet end-of-year goals. The additional practice available via games and challenges adds a new dimension to typing instruction. Curriculum is available for students in grades K-12 and each grade level grouping has a slightly different, spiraling curriculum, which can also be customized by the teacher.

Ease of Use: Because Typing Agent is Web-based, there is no software to install and the program works on all platforms. Navigation is standard across all platforms, and clearly labeled for all users. There is a separate interface that is easier to use for K-2 students. The teacher help section provides text-based answers to most frequently asked questions, and the option to submit questions that are unanswered. Students and teachers can be loaded quickly and easily to Typing Agent using a CSV file or by self-registration. Typing Agent also offers Single Sign On capability with Google and Clever.

Creative Use of Technology: The district admin module allows for tracking of an entire school district. Typing Agent employs proprietary software called typeSMART, which automatically adapts instruction and targets areas where students are weak, focuses on quality over quantity, assigns a Q-Score, and offers alerts, course mapping and progress reports. typeSMART also alerts a teacher if unusual typing behavior is noted (for example, if a student types much faster at home than at school). The use of a spiraling curriculum helps ensure that students are getting maximum exposure to keyboarding. Students are able to earn Agent rankings, similar to badges in other gaming platforms. Typing Agent also allows for parent access to the student's progress in the program. Finally, the pre-loaded content used in the typing tests is a mix of current events and curricular content, which means that students are reinforcing other knowledge while practicing their typing skills. Typing Agent also offers automatic grading, based on criteria set by teachers for accuracy and speed.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: The curriculum is ready to go as is, but also fully customizable. As the grade levels increase, the difficulty of the vocabulary in the program increases as well. Curriculum is provided for all students, grades K-12. The addition of the new coding modules only adds to its usability in teaching 21st-century skills.


Typing Agent is an easy-to-use program that will capture student's attention and encourage them to practice their typing skills outside of the classroom.


  • Accountability: Typing Agent tracks student progress individually, by class, by grade, and over the entire district.
  • Customizability: Typing Agent offers the ability to customize curriculum based on needs and goals of the teachers and districts.
  • Engaging: The use of games will encourage students to increase practice time.

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August 3, 2015
Typing Agent launches brand new 4.2 version!

A Smarter Typing Agent

On August 3rd, we will be releasing Typing Agent 4.2! Dynamic curriculum, new games, improved K2, more coding, more teacher/admin features and so much more! Together, these brand-new features will help you and your students stay ahead of the keyboarding curve!

Updated K2 Mountain

It may be summer, but the snow is flying in our improved K2 Mountain World!


Practice Missed Letters

Students can now practice their most frequent letters missed with this cognitive exercise of falling letters.


New Dynamic Curriculum

Dynamic Curriculum takes typing intelligence to a new level with adaptive lessons for students. We also threw in some fun with a class leader board to motivate your students even more!


3 New Typing Games

We brought back two classics with a typing twist: Space Invaders and Asteroids. We also have a brand new multiplayer typing game just for K-2 and 3rd grade.


Manage Student Game Time

Our top requested feature. Students can earn coins as they finish lessons to use for game time. Show grit in getting through your keyboarding lessons and we will show you a good time!


Flappy Typing Bird

Ready to finish your Flappy Typing Bird? New lessons are ready for your students to type code and get a finished game to play!


Clever Single Sign On & More...

Our improvements didn't stop with the student, we pumped up the teacher and admin experience to new levels with...brand new colorful tiles, Clever SSO, more reporting improved time tracking, and much more!