The Awesome Team Behind Typing Agent

  • Kirs Peterson

    Kris Peterson

    Founder- Visionary
    Product Director - UI/UX

  • Scott Kintz

    Scott Kintz

    Founder - Product Manager
    Business Development

  • Charmaine Waddell

    Charmaine Waddell

    Marketing and PR Director

  • Andy Ochoa

    Andy Ochoa

    Graphic Designer

  • Kris Wheeler

    Kris Wheeler

    Financial Coordinator

  • De Wahab

    De Wahab

    Web Master

  • Noor Aziz

    Noor Aziz

    Web Master

  • Shabbar Abbas

    Shabbar Abbas


  • Sarah Waddell

    Sarah Waddell

    Intern-Project Manager

  • Brett Rodgers

    Brett Rodgers

    Program Trainer and Technical Specialist

  • Andrew Forderer

    Andrew Forderer

    Customer Support Specialist

  • Marie Imbault

    Marie Imbault

    Sales Consultant EWA/Marie Bou K12

  • Linda Lulic

    Linda Lulic

    Sales Consultant EWA/MarieBou K12

  • Gia Deleveaux

    Gia Deleveaux, Ph.D.

    Sales Consultant EWA/Marie Bou K12