Hit higher typing goals for your students and anticipate problems early...but that's just scratching the surface!

Thousands of Schools and districts use Typing Agent because...



Robust Admin Tools

Typing Agent is the modern way to manage your entire school or district keyboarding needs. From heady insights to potent reporting and automated district-wide student management, we have you covered.

Effective Curriculum

Our curriculum is a proven course to get the most out of your student's keyboarding while meeting the Common Core State Standards. But that's not all, how does a spiraling curriculum that reinforces common blends, grade-level words, and educational knowledge sound? Add to that a world just for K-2, Social, word processing, and learn to type code features, and now you're able to grasp the power of Typing Agent.


Don't settle for boring typing tutors that students dread to use. Kick the fun factor up and watch how students jump onto Typing Agent at home without even being assigned homework.

Learn to Type. Love the FUN!


Typing Agent has re-thought student keyboarding development from the ground up, building the world's first Typing Intelligence platform. See your data in a way that empowers you to identify trends and set priorities across your classes.