Agents of Change

Our Mission: 50 Free Subscriptions to 50 Schools in 50 States!

Here at Typing Agent we like to think of ourselves as more than just another Ed-tech company, we are passionate about making a difference in students lives.

In our main office near Seattle, we have a mission statement written on our wall: “Make a Difference”, translated to TA talk this means each and every day we strive to make a difference in the lives of each and every student, teacher, and district administrator we serve.

Learning the valuable skill of keyboarding and technology is critical to students in the 21st century and we understand that there are schools in low income communities that cannot afford a keyboarding and technology program for their students.

In keeping with Typing Agent’s mission of “Making a Difference”, we have a goal of giving away 50 subscriptions to 50 needy schools in 50 states (one school in each state) completely free for a year. Let’s all be Agents of Change and make a difference together!

Nominate Your School


Public Schools: Must show over 50% of students enrolled in free/reduced lunch program. Please demonstrate financial need either by uploading the form showing this or by explaining other financial hardship that your school is experiencing and how your school would benefit from a free Typing Agent subscription.

Private Schools: Must have 100 students or less enrolled. Please upload documentation explaining financial need and how your school would benefit from a free subscription to Typing Agent.

Please direct any questions to:

Terms and Conditions:

Trust us, we don’t like “fine print” either but we have to spell out a few important things. Schools that are beneficiaries of the Agents of Change program may not be current or past paying customer of Typing Agent, Yeti Academy, or StarTypers, may not have a free trial account that preceded their nomination and may be asked to promote their award by posting pictures on their social media page and tagging Typing Agent's social media pages (Twitter and Facebook) Other terms and conditions may apply.