The Awesome Team Behind Typing Agent

Kris Peterson

Founder- Visionary Product Director - UI/UX

Scott Kintz

Founder - Product Manager Business Development

Charmaine Waddell

Founder - Marketing and PR Director

Andy Oachoa

Graphic Designer

Kris Wheeler

Financial Coordinator

De Wahab

Web Master

Noor Aziz

Software Engineer

Shabbar Abbas


Brett Rodgers

Program Trainer and Technical Specialist

Marie Imbault

Sales Consultant EWA/Marie Bou K12

Linda Lulic

Sales Consultant EWA/MarieBou K12

Gia Deleveaux Ph.D

Sales Consultant EWA/Marie Bou K12

Liz Ferry

Curriculum Designer

Niki Figgins

Customer Success Team

Ryan Campbell

Level 2 Support/Program Trainer

Trevor Wencl

Senior Development Manager