Typing Agent for Homeschools & Remote Learning

Bring the Leading Keyboarding Platform for Schools into your Home

  • Perfect for all grades K - 12
  • Great addition to remote learning plans
  • 100% Web-based
  • Easy to set up
  • Placement test sets students on their own unique curriculum path
  • Curriculum adapts automatically to each student
  • K2 Mountain World sets the proper foundation for young typists
  • 3+ Keyboarding Foundations engages and challenges students at their individual level
  • Parents can customize targets and gradebook to suit individual needs
  • Easy to read reports tell parents exactly how their students are progressing
  • ADA accommodations allow all students to participate
  • Have up to 4 or up to 10 students per account
  • Monthly and yearly subscriptions available
  • No credit card required to get started
  • Subscription plans as low as $1.50 per student

K2 Mountain World Thrills while Teaching Foundational Keyboarding

Our learn to type games will excite your youngest keyboarding students with K2 Mountain World! These fun learning environments start with teaching mouse skills and challenge them to grow their keyboarding skills as they climb to the top of the mountain with each new success.

Adaptive 3-12 Curriculum Personalizes Remote Learning

Beginning with a placement test that sets each student on their own path. Our online keyboarding program will serve up content right at their skill level, giving your 3-12 students a perfectly personalized learning experience creating success that encourages them to stay focused and excited to learn.

All the Tools Parents Need to Teach Keyboarding at Home

  • See at a glance how often your students are using the program and how their performing
  • Customize student targets as needed to keep your students encouraged
  • Grade book automatically calculates time spent, average accuracy, and average speed
  • See live activity feed of all your students from wherever you are
  • Set individual student accommodations to allow students with disabilities to succeed

Gamification = Increased Learning for Your Homeschool Students

We understand that keeping students motivated to learn can be tough and that is why we put gamification into every part of our platform. Typing Agent gives students instant feedback on their performance, students earn badges, GritCoins, Experience points as they do their lessons. Do enough lessons and they can unlock levels, earn game time, badges, unlock themes and customize their avatars.

Instructional Keyboarding Videos

Fun keyboarding videos supplement curriculum and set the foundation for students, offering up fun keyboarding history lessons, important keyboarding tips, tricks, and skills.

Start Your Demo Instantly

How much does a homeschool account cost?

Unlike our competitors, with Typing Agent Home you can use your one account with up to 4 students or up to 10 students, depending on the plan you choose. You can choose from a monthly or yearly subscription option; cancel anytime. Here's how it breaks down:


1 - 4 Students - $9.95/month

5 - 10 Students - $19.95/month


1 - 4 Students - $79.95/year

5 - 10 Students - $149.95/year

How do I sign up?

Your first step is to sign up for your free 7 - Day Demo by clicking the blue "START YOUR DEMO INSTANTLY" button above. (No credit card required to sign up) and you'll be able to try the program right away.

We love Typing Agent Home, how do I purchase?

Great! After you’ve signed up for your free 7 day demo. When you’re ready to purchase, simply log in to your Home School Account and click the orange Purchase button at the top of your Typing Agent Home dashboard, pay online, and voila - your homeschool students will be off to a fun and engaging world of keyboarding.

If you have any questions, please email us at support@typingagent.com .

Need more than 10 students for your home school?

Have more than 10 students in your homeschool? You can purchase multiple homeschool subscriptions with multiple email addresses or email us at support@typingagent.com to learn about our special pricing and program options available micro-schools or homeschools with 10 students or more.

*Typing Agent Home pricing is subject to change without notice

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