Boost Student Learning with Keyboarding Gamification

Gamification = increased learning. Students are given instant feedback on their performance, can earn badges, compete for leaderboard placement and are motivated to move through the program and unlock levels using the GritCoins and Experience points they’ve earned from their lessons.

Grade-Leveled Content Personalizes Learning

Having fresh, fun, and relevant curriculum content by grade level is key to student engagement and success! With Typing Agent, each individual grade, from K-12, has its own unique grade specific keyboarding curriculum delivered to each student, while our unique typeSMART technology automatically adapts the content to their precise level of learning. Completely plug and play.

The Most Engaging K-2 Keyboarding Module

Excite your youngest keyboarding students with K2 Mountain! Start with learning mouse skills and challenge them to grow in their skills as they climb towards the top of the mountain with each new success.

Entertaining Instructional Keyboarding Videos

Fun keyboarding videos teach students all about keyboarding and offer up important keyboarding tips, tricks, and skills.

Students Learn Valuable Digital Citizenship Skills

Prepare your students for the digital age with a Digital Citizenship curriculum that was designed with ISTE Digital Citizenship standards in mind. Typing Agent brings to life these concepts for students with three reinforcement opportunities: a teacher guide to help facilitate discussions with students, a series of exciting super hero videos with questions for understanding, and an illustrated scenario-based quiz.

Learn to Type Code (Basic and Advanced)

Keyboarding and learning to type Code go hand in hand.Just like keyboarding, typing code is an art of accuracy. Give your students all the skills they need to succeed in the future! Students learn the concepts of Java Script, HTML, Python and more while coding their own keyboarding

Exciting Student Interface

Keep your students engaged with one of the coolest student learning interfaces around. Complete with a phone home screen and apps they can choose from.

Fun Games Plus Multiplayer Options

Having fun while learning is our thing! You won’t find a better keyboarding game experience anywhere. Students can play individual games or go toe to toe with our fun multiplayer keyboarding games.

Students Can Personalize Avatars, Skins, and Wallpapers

Time to get their style on! After working hard on their lessons students can redeem the GritCoins, and Experience Points they’ve earned to personalize their avatar. It’s pretty cool!

Leaderboard Activity

What's more encouraging than seeing your name in lights! Students can show off their newly learned keyboarding skills with our Leaderboard and see where they rank against their peers.

Type Your Own Adventure

Remember these from your childhood? Students join Ty and Keyana on their adventure to save the world from menacing characters trying to rid the world of keyboarding. The best part is they get to determine the direction the story goes as they type.

Spanish Curriculum and Translation

Hola Amigos, vamos a divertirnos! Learning other languages is a valuable skill. Students can keyboard with our Spanish curriculum or type lessons in English with Spanish instructions. It’s up to you!

ADA Compliant Features

Typing Agent's WCAG 2.0 AA ADA compliant features will help students overcome participation restrictions in learning important keyboarding and technology skills. Including features for the sight and hearing impaired, one-handed typing, closed captioning, dyslexic font, and more.


Print Award and Certificates of Completion for climbing K2 Mountain, completing 3-12 and Digital Citizenship Curriculum and celebrate all their hard work learning keyboarding and technology!

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