Teacher Testimonials

Typing Agent is the best classroom typing program I have found. It’s very engaging and easy to use with great reporting!

Karen S.

Iron Ridge

My district has used TA for the past 5 years. This keyboarding program allows our scholars to monitor themselves. The resources it provides to practice their skills are very engaging and fun! Many are practicing at home to reinforce their skills. I can run reports and appreciate the time/date stamp when they have completed their lessons. Thank you TA!

Y. Soares

Marshall & Wilson Elementary Schools

This has been the smoothest transition for our district to a new program! Schools and teachers love the program. Thanks for your help.

Tricia C.

Terrebonne Parish

Huge Accolades to Typing Agent, last Friday as school was being let out students asked permission to work on Typing Agent over the weekend! Wow! This is typing success!

Denise F. Ross

Valley Schools.

My students are thrilled with Typing Agent. They love it!

Vicki M.


Our district is using Typing Agent. It is an amazing program for us and our students in the district. The feedback I receive from teachers expressed that students were much more engaged in keyboarding and would even practice after hours.

Susan P.

Seaman SD

I just had to tell you how amazing Typing Agent is. My students are so excited while using it, and many are now logging in at home so they can make it to the top of the mountain. I can't wait for them to see the new version in the fall.  I have never seen children so happy to do keyboarding.

Dr. Carol D.

Octorara Primary Learning Center

Typing Agent has worked seamlessly and has amazing tech support. It's been my go to when other stuff has not been working, at least for grades 3-5.


A happy teacher