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Give Your Students the 21st Century Skills They Need to Thrive

  • 100% web based
  • Grade-leveled curriculum
  • Digital Citizenship Curriculum aligned with ISTE standards
  • Learn to Type Code Module
  • Spanish keyboarding curriculum
  • ADA compliance features, and more!

Intuitive Programming Makes Teaching Keyboarding Easier

Typing Agent designed by technology teachers who understand what you need to teach keyboarding and technology successfully.

  • Intuitive navigation makes setting up your classes easy
  • All the adjustable settings you could ever want right at your fingertips
  • Insights into your student’s progress at a glance with our Reports Dashboard
  • Curriculum automatically adapts to each student
  • Completely Plug and Play
  • Automatic grading and report cards
  • Set Typing Targets by class or student

Engage Your K-2 Students with
K2 Mountain

K-2 students climb K2 Mountain as they progress through their keyboarding lessons. Grab your ice picks and crampons and let’s get ready to type!

  • Engage students with plenty of typing practice, fun lessons, and exciting games!
  • Teach mouse operation
  • Larger font for easy reading
  • Offline activities to reinforce skills

Grade-leveled and Adaptive 3-12 Keyboarding Curriculum

  • Spiraling curriculum meets ISTE and Common Core Standards
  • Automatically delivers keyboarding lessons at the individual student grade and proficiency level
  • Completely plug and play
  • If you prefer a more “hands on” teaching experience, try our Custom curriculum option

Keyboarding Videos Support Learning

Our engaging keyboarding videos introducing students to fun historical facts about keyboarding, reminds students about proper ergonomics, and coaches them with keyboarding tips and tricks along the way!

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Give your students the skills they need to navigate the digital world successfully with our Digital Citizenship curriculum.

  • Aligned with ISTE standards
  • Complete with teacher guide covering the 9 sections of Digital Citizenship
  • Interactive student quiz for each section
  • Exciting super hero themed videos
  • Typing activities to reinforce Digital Citizenship concepts

Teach Students the Importance of Typing Code Accurately

Keyboarding and Coding are both about the art of accuracy! We make it easy to introduce your students to the art of typing code when they are learning to keyboard.

  • Introduce students to the concept of coding
  • Teach the importance of typing code accurately
  • Students build their own typing game
  • Students learn to type HTML, Java Script, Python and more
  • Challenge students with advanced type code

Spanish Curriculum

Familiarize your students with the Spanish language with our Spanish Keyboarding Curriculum or use our standard English keyboarding curriculum with Spanish instructions and navigation for your Spanish speaking students; we got you covered either way.

Robust Reporting Features

Typing Agent has all the reporting features you would ever want.

See student progress at a glance with our Reports Dashboard, select from our existing reports available or build your own custom report using our custom reports tool.

WCAG 2.0 ADA Compliant Features

Typing Agent is dedicated to making our program available to all students. Choose from accommodations for sight impaired students, hearing impaired students, dyslexic font, one handed typing, and more.

Exciting Keyboarding Games Including Multiplayer Games

Students can redeem their GritCoins from doing their lessons to have some well deserved game time to relax and reinforce their keyboarding skills. Our multiplayer keyboarding games are a huge hit!

Boost Student Learning with Keyboarding Gamification:

By working on their lessons students can earn Badges, GritCoins and Experience Points and redeem them to unlock new levels, more keyboarding adventures, personalize their avatars and more.

Live Student Activity Stream

Wondering what your students are working on during class? No worries, we got that covered for you. Just login to our live Activity Stream from the comfort of your desk and you’ll see what your students are working on in real-time.

Single Sign On with Google, Microsoft, ClassLink, and Clever

World Class Customer Support

  • Live and pre-recorded webinars
  • Solution Center articles
  • On demand video library
  • Connect with our Success Team via in app chat, phone or email M-F 7:30 am – 4pm PST

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