Typing Agent has tiered pricing for schools and school districts ranging from $1.00 - $8.77 per student license. What this means is the more licenses you need the less expensive it is per license.


Purchase Typing Agent for more than up to 3 years and save up to 15% with our multi-year discounts!


We are happy to send you a quote specific to your needs. To request a quote simply click the "Request a Quote" button, complete the form and our team members will email you with your quote. You may also email us at:

How Our Student Licenses Work:

Typing Agent’s student licenses are transferable. Once your students complete the Typing Agent course, their licenses can be reused by other students within that year. Please note: if reusing licenses, data will not be saved on previous student's account.

Unused licenses cannot be carried over from year to year. Renewal notices will be issued before your account is due to expire.

What You Get:

  • Full Access to Typing Agent and all its features including our engaging grade diferentiated keyboarding curriculums for K-2 and 3-12 students, our Digital Citizenship Curriculum, Learn to Type Code and more!
  • World Class Tech Support Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm PST
  • Instant and Automatic Updates
  • Successful and Motivated Students and Happy Teachers