YETI Academy

The Perfect Addition to Typing Agent

From the creators of Typing Agent comes the latest most exciting Keyboarding and STEM program available for K12 schools and districts. Perfect for CTE, After School Programs, Summer Enrichment & Elective Courses Yeti Academy alone or bundled with Typing Agent make a powerful combination and create a robust K12 STEM program for your school or district! Learn more about Yeti Academy by watching the video below:

The Growing List of STEM courses available for K-12 Students


YETI CODE 1 & 2 (Coding: Grades 3-12)

MARS EXPEDITION (HTML 5 Coding: Grades 5+ ) Coming Soon

SPACE CODE JR. (Block Coding: Grades K-2)

SPORTS MED. (Biology/Life Science Elective: Grades 6-9)

PET SPA (Google Workspace Applications: Grades 3-5)

SNOWBOARD SHOP (Google Workspace Applications: Grades 5-8)

THEME PARKS (Google Workspace Applications: Grades 8-12)

SUPER CITIZENSHIP (Digital Citizenship: Grades 3-5)

SPORTS PR AGENCY (Digital Citizenship: Grades 6-9)

Check out Yeti's Complete Fall Course List Here

Yeti Academy Features:

  • 100% Online (In Class, Remote, and Hybrid Learning)
  • Plug and Play, Teacher Led, and Student Guided STEM Courses for K12 Students
  • Courses Parallel Local, State, and National Standards
  • Project-based Learning with Real-World Topics and Activities
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Gamification
  • Comprehensive Teacher Resources for Each Course
  • Rostering & Single Sign On with ClassLink, Clever, Google Classroom, and SFTP
  • Reporting
  • World Class Support & Solution Center

For questions or to learn more about Yeti Academy email us at: