YETI Academy

The Perfect STEM-Addition to Typing Agent

From the creators of Typing Agent comes the latest most exciting STEM program available for K12 schools and districts. Together, Typing Agent and Yeti Academy make a powerful combination and create a robust K12 STEM program for your school or district! Yeti Academy offers Free and Premium versions. Learn more about Yeti Academy by watching the video below:

The Growing List of STEM courses available for K-12 Students

YETI CODE 1 & 2 (Coding: Grades 3-12)

MARS EXPEDITION (HTML 5 Coding: Grades 5+ ) Coming Soon

SPACE CODE JR. (Coding: Grades K-2)

SPORTS MED. (Biology/Life Science Elective: Grades 6-9)

BIKE SHOP(Computational Thinking: Grades 6-9) Coming Soon

PIZZERIA(Computational Thinking: Grades 3-5) Coming Soon

SNOWBOARD SHOP (Google Workspace Training: Grades 3-5)

THEME PARKS (Google Workspace Training: Grades 6-9)

SUPER CITIZENSHIP (Digital Citizenship: Grades 3-5)

SPORTS PR AGENCY (Digital Citizenship: Grades 6-9)




GOOGLE TEACHER TRAINING (Professional Development Students)

YETI ACADEMY TEACHER TRAINING (Professional Development Students)

CREATE YOUR OWN COURSE PD (Professional Development Students)

Yeti Academy Features:

  • 100% Online (In Class, Remote, and Hybrid Learning)
  • 100% Ad Free
  • STEM Courses for K12 Students
  • Courses Parallel Local, State, and National Standards
  • Real-World Topics and Activities
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Gamification
  • Comprehensive Teacher Resources for Each Course
  • Student Rostering & Single Sign On
  • ADA Features
  • Reporting
  • World Class Support & Solution Center
  • Freemium & Paid Versions

For questions or to learn more about Yeti Academy email us at: